Facebook Algorithm Changes and What it Means for Business?

Ok so Facebook has announced it is making changes to the way its users see content on their News Feed, this means that posts from family or friends will be prioritised over those from Pages/business Pages etc.

The reason behind these changes is because when surveyed, Facebook users said they felt the platform had moved away from friend/family related content due to the amount of outside posts from media companies, brands and publishers. Also, in December 2017 Facebook acknowledged that when a user is seeing content there is no need for them interact with it is bad for their mood. A paper in the Journal of Experimental Psychology in 2015 also supported this by revealing the negative effect passive consumption of information had on students, even just 10 minutes.

Ultimately then Facebook wants its users to feel good.

But what will nonprofits, businesses, publishers and other groups do now?

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How to use Hashtags on Youtube to Optimise your Results

Hashtags can be very effective on certain social media channels, so how can you make the most out of them on Youtube and optimise your results?

It was only last year in 2016 that Youtube released support for hashtags and it is very useful for helping people to find your video, or for you to find a video on a topic you are interested in.

Hashtags can be used to find videos in two ways. Firstly, if you search for a specific hashtag in Youtube’s search bar, the results will only show videos that have that hashtag in the video title or description. Secondly, you can click on a hashtag in the description or title of a video and this will take you to a page displaying videos containing that hashtag.

When choosing your hashtags think keywords, what are the most relevant keywords to your video topic and these are the words you should be hashtagging. You can start a new hashtag by using your company name or a product you want to sell, or if you are organising an event or community project.

How to get started:

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