Are you struggling with your social media?

If you’re a business owner and are struggling to make social media work effectively for your business then you’re in the right place!
Perhaps you’re struggling to keep it consistent, maybe you’re not even sure what platform is most suitable or maybe you’ve been left super disappointed having spent hours coming up with a “perfect” social media plan only to start and find that you only get a couple of likes or comments, leave alone a lead or sale.


One day everyone’s raving about hashtags on Twitter, the next it’s Instagram. Or another day it’ll be all about YouTube and then the hype switches to Facebook live streaming.

The truth is Social Media is changing every day.

Sure you could read newsletters about social media strategy, be active in FB groups, listen to podcasts, read loads of books and.. spend hours of time on Social Media (like a true SM ninja like me :D)

Maybe you don’t want to though.. someone’s gotta run the business right?

The solution = delegate your social media to me!

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  • Facebook

    Facebook posts and interactions – I will ensure that you are proactively engaging with your customers and sharing relevant news and information about your company and the industry as a whole.

  • Twitter

    Twitter posts – I will tweet and ensure that relevant industries and customers are aware of your brand.

  • Instagram

    Instagram posts – Do you have a visual message that you want shared with your audience and customers? I will make sure that your branding is shared far and wide.

  • YouTube

    YouTube videos – Video is essential in engaging with your customers and so I will work with you on how to get your message across in the best way via video.

  • LinkedIn

    LinkedIn profiles – Consider this the Yellow Pages of the business directory world – I will make sure your profile is professional and easily found for your customers.

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